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Issue 7, July 2014

Interview of Ebony Bizys, author of Hello Sandwich blog, by Christina Banos


“I’m desperately trying to work out how to get this storage unit by Brisbane-based furniture designers Work-Shop by MGDC into my Tokyo apartment!” – Ebony Bizys


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CUTE, COLOURFUL and cool-kitsch is how you would describe Hello Sandwich – a blog that celebrates everything wonderful about Japanese culture and craft through the eyes of Japan-based Australian Ebony Bizys.

Why did you start a blog?

“I began Hello Sandwich in 2009 as a way to record things that inspired me. When I first started, I’d stay up till the early morning blogging away, but now I can fit in blogging at much more respectable hours.”

What’s behind the name?

“I wanted a name that was sort of ‘Japanese English’. Hello Sandwich also references Hello Kitty, and sandwiches are nice, too.”

Tell us a bit about yourself

“I studied fine arts at UNSW while I was working at Vogue as their receptionist. Later I became deputy art director at Vogue Living and I adored my job, but decided to take the plunge and move to Tokyo in 2010 on a working holiday visa.”

Why did you move to Japan?

“I had visited Japan nine times before moving to Tokyo, and Shimokitazawa was always one of my favourite places. It’s full of cute cafes, vintage clothing shops, izakayas [Japanese bars], retro furniture shops and bookshops, and has a lovely ‘anything goes’ feel.”

What do you gain from your blog?

“Blogging has been an invaluable resource to meet like-minded people – some of my closest friends are those that I’ve met through Hello Sandwich. It has also enabled opportunities both personally and professionally.”

Where do you find inspiration?

“I’ve been living in Tokyo for 4 years now and every day I see something that inspires me. For instance, a Tiffanyblue water hose, a polka dot truck, or the packaging of a strawberry box. Living here is incredibly inspiring!”

Websites you visit when you need a break from blogging?


What sets your blog apart from others?

“I just try to be honest and record things I truly love. I have a deep interest in photography, too.”


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